Great news from Intel camp, performance CPUs at budget prices coming soon!

HWBOT just put up an interesting story  with Intel slides talking about some upcoming Intel CPUs which will finally bring back the hardcore enthusiast CPUs at affordable prices. Intel has really been listening to enthusiasts lately and hopefully they keep up with this trend.


Catzilla version 1.2 is out

AllPlayer Group people have released the Catzilla 1.2 version today. Have you guys tried this benchmark yet? It has a wicked sound track and interesting graphics. It also scales with multiGPUs very well. Good way to test your system and if you feel competitive, you can also jump to HWBOT and submit a score and see how well you do against thousands of other scores on their database.


Check it out on YouTube as well to see what it looks and sounds like.

TeamAU currently holds the global world records in Catzilla for 720P at 59,928 points and 1440P at 29,942 points.

I wonder what this is ;)


TeamAU takes out highest RAM frequency at Corsair/Intel OC event, opaaaa

HiCookie and Dinos22 took our the Haswell Memory Frequency stage of Corsair and Intel’s Main OC event at start of Computex 2013 packing $4,000 for the trouble. Here are a couple of videos from event.


Mad222 & Lin222 Corsair OC Main Event interview video


Source: OCTV Page

GIGABYTE OC Lab visited by TeamAU, WRs broken!

You’ve heard about the grand opening of GIGABYTE’s new OC Lab but there was one key ingredient missing, extreme overclockers and thousands of litres of LN2. I’m pleased to say I’ve been present at GIGABYTE HQ in the past week to tick that box and give you a snippet of days of great fun, and to top it off, some excellent records achieved.

TeamAU (youngpro, sniperOz & dinos22) were among the overclockers to try the lab. Mad222 & KK from Hong Kong as well as a man machine from UK that goes by the name “8pack” gave the lab a go. Resident overclocker hicookie was on hand as well.


One does not simply enter a lab without LN2 hitting through the roof!



TeamAU on a roll breaking global #1 3DMARK06, #1 Heaven, #2 3DMARK01, #3 Aquamark records

TeamAU are no strangers to extreme overclocking and world records and this weekend proved to be a fruitful one with a plethora of amazing overclocking results being put up on HWBOT.

One common theme here is TeamAU+Gigabyte Z77X-UP7+killer 3770K CPU and liquid nitrogen. Z77 platform and Ivy Bridge 3770K are nearing the end of the road and now the results start getting ever so harder to achieve which makes these records even sweeter. This is the time extreme overclockers start pulling out their gems (best hardware they have) and go for broke.

The get together was in Perth, Western Australia, and lot of the members made the long trip to freeze some hardware which included Deanzo, Dinos22, Kayl, JJJC (special guest from OCAU), SniperOZ, Uncle Fester and Youngpro.


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