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Computex 2016

Major overclocking contest featured at COMPUTEX Overclocking is the act of configuring a device to run beyond its factory settings. The HWBOT World Tour stop at COMPUTEX will feature the HWBOT World Series overclocking contest where extreme overclockers compete for prizes and a chance to face the best of each of seven world tour stops during the OC World Championship final in Berlin, Germany at the end of the year.

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Who are we and what do we do ?
Everything you see here is the truth, mostly.

Team Australia officially launched on October 20th, 2007 and our official web site is

Team Australia (Team.AU) is made up of a group of members from the Australian & New Zealand overclocking community (majority of members have their original roots are from, who have come together to push the barriers of today’s enthusiast computing technology and to redefine the local and international overclocking scenes.

Team Australia as a group is independent from any hwbot teams and are not exclusive to any one manufacturer.

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Dino Strkljevic

Hi I’m Dino. I go by Dinos22. I’m an overclocker from Australia. Market Manager for GIGABYTE. I’ve been overclocking since maybe 2005 …
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James Trevaskis

Pro / YoungPro
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Carl Hollingsworth

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Peter Cave

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George Liu

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Uncle Fester
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Jack Coxon

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Dean Smith

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josh Collins

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Tim Marshall

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Kayl Hosken

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James Turnbull

Former Member – SLi_DoG

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