Posted by dinos22 on March 15, 2011

TeamAU livestream OC event coming up this weekend, pencil this one in your diary, a must see!

Dinos22 chimed in on forums to give a heads up to an overclocking event TeamAU is putting together on the weekend. Deanzo, youngpro, bob(nz), Uncle Fester, T_M and dinos22 are flying in around the country and Asia to meet up in Adelaide for this special occasion.

It will be on livestream throughout the weekend at THIS ADDRESS.

Adelaide V8 Supercars race is on at the same time, who knows there might be a report from the track with the grid girls too hehehe


One other special guest making an appearance will be the new X58A-OC motherboard from GIGABYTE heheh.


Dinos22 and youngpro have done some preliminary testing with the board and got some mighty scores in 2D and 3D in practice runs. Plenty more to see during the event itself but here are a couple of notable scores to wet your appetiteā€¦




Chime in and say hello on the livestream


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