Posted by bobnz on August 14, 2011

bob(nz) 4way SLI Benching

Been meaning to get around to this for the past month or more – and finally managed to get myself organised!!

Had a few issues getting SLI running properly, as I kept losing one of the cards when booting up. Needed to strip down the rig about 30 mins in and start again – but this all worked thank goodness

Really just focused on managing the GPU’s, but need to come back and work on the CPU speed and see if I cant knock teammate Dino out of Global Ranking of 4th :)


Rig is all retail as follows….

  • Gigabyte UD9 Motherboard
  • 990X CPU
  • Supertalent DDR2000 C7 Memory
  • 4 x MSI GTX 580 Lightning Graphics Cards
  • All pots ex Kingpin Cooling – F1 Gemini, 3 x Tek 9 6.0 Slims, and 1 x Tek 9 Fat

The result and a couple of pics of the rig…..

Managing 5 pots by yourself is a good workout, and will be even more challenging once the CPU goes real cold – but this is my next mision in a few weeks time


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