After a enourmous amount of effort I am happy to announce I am official part of the sixes club… That is below 7minutes in superpi 32m and 7s in superpi 1m!

Achieved on two very different platforms. The 1m result on the enjoyable DFI P45 DDR3 board, accompanied by the Intel E8600.

The 32m result is on the Gigabyte X58-UD5 board, with the help of a nice Intel i7 965 cpu.

MSI Wind U100 meets LN2 for Atom World Record

yeah its another stupid idea from Team Australia…

Get a msi wind notebook that has some preety nice overclocking abilities, a stick of ddr2 so-dimm and some ln2 and see what happens..


MSI Wind @ LN2

MSI Wind @ LN2

MSI Wind U100 Netbook
Kingston 2GB DDR2 667Mhz SO-Dimm

result? 2315mhz.. afaik its fastest speed of atom processor in notebook or desktop board.. also 2385mhz camera screens..

2315mhz validation

For more information please visit the original thread @ i4memory

3DMark SLI + PCMark05 + FSB + 8400 Frequency World Records!

After returning from HongKong Asus Overclocking Championship, I had alot to prove to myself. I did this by taking four world records in a day!

1. new FSB wr, 734mhz
Lowering the NB temperature from -188 to -130 really helped me gain the 10mhz I needed.

Biostar I45 Tpower
E8500 @ -130
NB @ -130
Crucial Ballistix 8000

2. E8400 frequency WR, 6213mhz
Newbeetle just posted an amazing speed with this motherboard but luckily my little board just had the steam to overhaul it.

Biostar I45 Tpower
E8400 ES @ -140
NB @ -130
Crucial Ballistix 8000


SuperPI 2M/4M/8M/16M World Record and 32m second place

After recieving my new E8600, I decided it was time to launch after some modpi records as the clocks I am getting are reasonably good, the results were preety nice!

Biostar Tpower I45 (of course)
Crucial Ballistix 8000
E8600 Q820 599

2nd place 32m

modpi 8m wr


Triple SLI testing begins with Foxconn Dreadnought and 3 Nvidia GTX280s

A few weeks ago I recieved 3 Foxconn GTX280 cards and the highly anticipated Foxconn Dreadnought 790i motherboard.

After some intial testing, working out cpu maximum speed in vantage and testing each card individually it was time to approach the holy grail of of 3D benchmarking, 3DMark Vantage Triple SLI!


Foxconn Dreadnought 790i
3x Foxconn GTX280
Corsair Dominator PC14400 sticks
Silverstone 1000OP
Featuring tek9 4.0s gpu and astra cpu pot

Some serious runs will be complete in the next two weeks, for now you will have to settle for two scary images ;)

For more information and updates please view i4memory

Youngpro and Biostar Tpower I45 take FSB world record! 724mhz

The biostar tpower i45 arrived a while ago after building a big reputation of high fsb. This was my goal, to achieve the maximum FSB I could, initially I was hoping for 650mhz.

I put my setup on phase change with my mate Andy (tuchans) crucial ballistix and immediately we were able to achieve 682mhz fsb. AMAZING! Northbridge was still on air and cpu at -40.

Next up of course had to be an attempt at 700mhz, to do this we put the northbridge on Ln2 @ -188 celcius, the CPU @ -130 degrees celcius and even put LN2 directly on the ram with tin foil! The result an amazing 724mhz and the front side bus overall world record.


Biostar Tpower I45 w/ nb pot @ -188
Intel E8500 cpu w/ cpu pot @ -130
Crucial Ballistix 8500 sticks
FX5500 gpu
Silverstone 1000OP 

 For more information please view the thread at i4memory


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